Container Storage Facilities

Grounded Storage:                                                              

Pacifica Trucks is your container storage solution provider with the proven track record of successful storage and custody of high-profile customers.  Grounded Storage containers are managed by an experienced Team of operation professionals experienced in inventory control processes and that have received training and certification for safe and efficient operation of Container Handling Equipment.  We offer competitive storage rates with low minimum volume requirements for Grounded Container Storage and rates are negotiable. 

For additional information, please contact Rick Riley at (562) 247-3332 / .  We look forward to the opportunity to meet your logistic and container storage needs

Security Specifics:

  • 24/7 Security Coverage on Premises.
  • Security Guard Station Located at Terminal Entrance / Exit Manned Gate.
  • Complete Yard Coverage High-Definition Video Surveillance.
  • Security Gate Pass Process for Containers Exiting Terminal.
  • Perimeter Chain Link Fencing 8’ High with Razor Wire.
  • Automated Container Movement Tamper Reporting Technology – GPS Real Time.
  • Physical Access Controls to Prevent Unauthorized use of Container Handling Equipment.
  • Complete Yard Lighting Coverage – Container Yard, Entrance / Exit, Perimeter Fence Lines, and Parking Areas.
  • Physical Access Controls – Only Authorized Access to Terminal and Positive Identification of Employees and Visitors.

Pacifica Container Yard:

  • Pacifica Trucks Container Yard is Located in Close Proximity to the Port Complex (7.1 Miles) with optional routes.
  • Grounded Storage Provides the Highest Level of Security.
  • Grounded Storage Eliminates Chassis Rental Charges While Loads are in Storage.
  • Insurance Policy Coverage Exceeds Industry Minimum Policy Requirements.