About Pacifica


Our founder and President is Mr. Aris Lazo. Aris comes from a unique background in the trucking industry. He is an internationally recognized scientist. As a former professor at Ohio State University, Aris is committed to teaching and driving a learning culture at Pacifica. His approach to business is fact based and process driven, which ensures an efficient and reliable service to our customers.

Our founder believes in the rapid technology changes required to meet today’s business demands. We try to differentiate our services by focusing on industry expertise and connected digital technology across the supply chain. Our staff operates in a highly integrated and technologically advanced office, positioning Pacifica to be a truly reliable service provider in the Western States.

We commenced operations in January 2004, as a long haul operator of refrigerated goods. In 2006, we signed and executed concession agreements with the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach, as well as interchange agreements with ocean and railroad carriers. We own a fleet of US EPA Certified clean air power units. We also have embraced the Clean Truck Program.